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Vibes Pre Rolled Cones 1 1/4 Size Natural 3 Pack of 6 Rolling Paper Total 18 Packing Tool Included

Vibes Pre Rolled Cones 1 1/4 Size Natural 3 Pack of 6 Rolling Paper Total 18 Packing Tool Included

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  • 🔥 SLOW & EVEN BURN: Due to thin design and natural material Vibes Pre Rolled Cones burn slow & even
  • 🍃 NATURALLY PROCESSED: Pre-rolled With NO BLEACH technology All-Natural Rolling Paper
  • 🤙 PACKS: Each pack includes 3 King Size cones total of 18 prerolled rolling papers in coffin designed boxes
  • 👍 CONVENIENT: The Vibes rolled Cone smoking paper comes with inserted filter and packing tool for convenience.
  • 😎 FAVORITE SIZE: The cones come in the standard length of 1 ¼” inch which is enough for hearty solo session or a group

Details: The Vibes Rolling paper is a creation of Bay Area rapper Berner who is legendary entrepreneur and advocate. His expertise in the industry gave a birth to pre rolled cones rolling papers and smoking accessories that identify with high quality. Each prerolled rolling papers come with packing tool for convenience. VIBES ULTRA THIN CONES 1 1/4The Vibes Ultra Thin Cones are made from uber-thin hemp which is great for even burn and smooth sessions. This rolling paper design allows the user have more flavor of the herbs since the paper wont be getting on the way. VIBES RICE CONES Rice Cones Rolling Paper are made from thin rice paper which produces less smoke which is equal to purer draw. The thin rice paper wont collude with your material so you will receive outstanding flavor. The rice cones rolling papers are burning slower than the hemp cones so you will have extended sessions. The Vibes Rice Cones feature well engineered airflow that prevents runs and remains open the entirety of the session.VIBES HEMP CONESVibes Hemp Cones thanks to natural and organic hemp paper will burn smooth and steady and proprietary airflow design makes the experience absolute pleasure. Like the rest of the line of the pre-rolled cones with Vibes you get as less paper as possible so you can enjoy more of your material than a burning paper. . Vibes Hemp Rolling Papers are thin and slow burning for a comprehensive cone session

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