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We specialize in Quartz Nails, Terp Pearls, Heady Artwork, and we offer a range of items and services for the everyday smoker.

Terp Pearls and Slurper Accessories

Terp Pearls and Slurper Accessories

Welcome to our collection of terp pearls and slurper accessories   We have a wide... 

Chaka Glass Art Collection

Welcome to the Chaka collection presented by Onpointsmoke.com. We hope you enjoy... 

Dab Tools

Blunt Glue and Glass Tips

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    We ship to all of USA, Canada, Uk, and European Nation. International Shipping Fees Applied

  • Hassle-Free Returns or Warrenty Exchanges

    If something doesn't fit or work for you, we will refund or exchange most items as long as they are not used. If its our fault we will always fix it for free.

  • Wholesale Quartz and Terp Pearls for Smoke Shops

    We offer wholesale for customized quartz and terp pearls for other smoke shops and cannabis brands. Email cs@onpointsmoke.com for more information