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Heady Saver

Heady Saver - Tsunami Vibe Nano Grip Mat Design

Heady Saver - Tsunami Vibe Nano Grip Mat Design

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Never let your heady break by accident on your table again!  When we were looking for mats to design, we came upon this new nano grip mat anti-slip technology that blew our minds! So we invested in producing the Heady Saver. 

Start with protecting your heady investments.  Just peel and stick on any table!  The Heady Saver can also stick on other materials!  Try it out!

Our Heady Saver is washable and will re-stick on most surfaces when completely dry! 

The Heady Saver is an 8x8 square mat designed by x Revolution Tattoo in Mountain View, Ca.  

Care and Tips for the Heady Saver:

  • Do not put hot bangers on surface.  It will burn it!  
  • Find a place: For your Heady Saver, clean the surface and apply the mat to the cleaned surface.  Heady saver is not permanent, but find a spot and try not to move it.
  • To remove:  Clean with water and paper towel first and get the surface wet.  Take a corner and start rolling the mat.  Start pulling it off slowly and using the wet paper towel to wipe the back of the heady saver so it doesn't stick again.  It's tough to tear, but the design might get ruined it stretched too far.
  • To clean:  Clean with hot water to help run off any residues first.  You can use alcohol for the tougher stains.    


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