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The Cali by VIBES Rolling Papers Pre Rolled Cones Cylindrical Shape 15mm (3g)- 3 per Pack

The Cali by VIBES Rolling Papers Pre Rolled Cones Cylindrical Shape 15mm (3g)- 3 per Pack

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  • Designed for your convenience: Want to put a stop to hand-rolling? Tired of a pre-rolling mess? The Cali by Vibes provides a range of benefits from ease to accessibility to deliver a big-smoke experience
  • Superior Quality: Our cones rolling paper is made from natural fiber, ready-to-go tubes with no chalk and unbleached technology it can hold up to 3 gram to make your solo smoking session better than ever
  • Cylindrical Shape Tube: Our unique cylindrical pre rolls comes with a wide circumference that provides optimum airflow while allowing you to pull the smoke more comfortably and ideally
  • Even and slow burning cones: Perfect for slow and even burn, this traditional cone's alternative can slip into your pocket or bag effortlessly, letting you enjoy the flavor to its full potential from anywhere
  • Specially treated: Cultivated in France and hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic, Our hassle-free pre-rolled tube is a perfect choice to add to your smoking accessories at the day's end

Details: The Cali is a premium quality pre-rolled cone by Vibes brand. It is a cylindrical pre-roll tube that provides comfortable pulls, wide circumference, and delivers optimal airflow for a great smoking experience. These pre-rolled cylindrical tubes come with a 3G capacity and an easy-to-pack design. Cali pre-rolled cylindrical tubes are cultivated in France and hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic. Acacia Gum is used to stick the unrefined and unbleached paper used for these pre-rolled cylindrical tubes. The tips of Cali pre-rolled cones are made in such a way that they filter out the unwanted particles and provide the stability required to fill the cones. Cali by Vibes Pre-Rolled Cones are available in 4 types, namely; Rice Cones, Hemp Cones, Ultra-Thin Cones, and Organic Hemp Cones.

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