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Terp Pearlz

Terp Pearlz- Terp Pearlz Starter Kit for Quartz Nails

Terp Pearlz- Terp Pearlz Starter Kit for Quartz Nails

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First time getting into Terp Pearlz?  Just get a kit and choose what type of pearls to choose from.  The starter kit comes with 5 Terp Pearlz, a small jar, and a 4 prong jewelry pearl catcher.

This Terp Pearlz Starter kit is for quartz bangers.  We recommend 6mm-8mm size pearls for quartz bangers.

We always recommend to have either ruby or sapphire pearls to start with as they are the most heat resistant material and toughest materials.

Basic Kit

  • 2x 6mm Ruby Pearls
  • 2x 6mm Blue Sapphire Pearls
  • 1x 6mm White Sapphire Pearl

Basic Kit II (Sapphire Package)

  • 2x 6mm Ruby Pearls
  • 2x 6mm Blue Sapphire
  • 1x 8mm Ruby Sapphire

Colored Kit

  • 1x 6mm Ruby Sapphire
  • 1x 6mm Blue Sapphire
  • 1x 6mm Pink Quartz
  • 1x 6mm Yellow Quartz
  • 1x 6mm Lavender Quartz

Each kits comes with a 5ml Jar and 4 Prong jewelry Pearl Catcher.  Kits start at 44.99 with free first class shipping.  

Best care advice for Terp pearls:

  1. Do not dump hot pearls into liquids.  Wait for Terp Pearls to cool and then clean. 
  2. Take Terp pearls out every time you use them and add the pearls after you heat up your quartz surfaces for best longevity and less susceptible to cracking 
  3. Different materials will react different to heat.  Make sure you pick the right Terp Pearls for your situation.  Cold Starts vs. High Temp Starts.



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