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Terp Pearlz

Terp Pearlz - Lavender Alexand Sapphire Pillars for Slurpers and XL 5x18mm

Terp Pearlz - Lavender Alexand Sapphire Pillars for Slurpers and XL 5x18mm

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We have these amazing crafted Lavender Alexand Sapphire.  These are best for terp slurpers and XL Quartz over 25mm.  It will fit nails with an inside diameter of 21mm and above so it might not fit ever 25mm model.  Another way to tell is if your banger's walls are 2mm or less, it will fit.  Retains heat extremely well with a dope lavender color.  These Lavender Alexand Sapphire sized at 5x18mm.  

Recommended use  at low temps and high temps.

Best care advice for Terp pearls:

  1. Do not dump hot pearls into liquids.  Wait for Terp Pearls to cool and then clean. 
  2. Take Terp pearls out every time you use them and add the pearls after you heat up your quartz surfaces for best longevity and less susceptible to cracking 
  3. Different materials will react different to heat.  Make sure you pick the right Terp Pearls for your situation.  Cold Starts vs. High Temp Starts.

Please make sure before purchasing that your equipment will work with this size!  If you need help please give use a message and we can help determine for you.

Terp Pearlz 5x18 Lavender Alexand Sapphire

Gemstone Type:
Synthetic (lab created)
Gemstone Color:
Lavender Alexand
Gemstone Material:
Synthetic corundum
Gemstone Shape:
Gemstone Size:
Gemstone Weight:
Gemstone Quality:
Mohs scale of hardness:


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