Rycrafted Glass - 2020 Recycler in Blue Dream Base with Multi-Stripes

Rycrafted Glass

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One of our favorite recyclers of 2020, Rycrafted glass recyclers rumbles in a nice way when circulating water.  This piece features a Blue Dream base with multi-colored stripes going horizontal.

We love this piece, the colors, the way it moves water, and how it functions overall.  This is a great piece to use daily.  Sitting at 7.5 inches, this craft goes crazy.

These multi-color stripes are Aqua azul, Telemagenta, and Plantphibian.  


  • 2020 Rycrafted Glass Recycler
  • 7.5 inches tall
  • Blue Dream
  • Aque Azul
  • Telemagenta
  • Plantphibian
  • Comes with a OPQ Tetra H Banger
  • Comes in a pelican case
  • Shipped UPS or Fedex
  • https://www.instagram.com/rycraftedglass/


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