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Power Si

Power Si Bloom 250ml

Power Si Bloom 250ml

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Power Si Bloom is a needed product if you want to produce big nugs.  Power Si Bloom 250ml is perfect introduction to monosilicic acid.  Use this silica product during flowering to help your branches become stronger.  Cut it off a week before harvest.  They say stronger roots and branches for bigger fruits and nugs.  

This is perfect for a small run.  250ml can be used up to a 4x8 spot.  You'll finish it right at the end!  If you are running a bigger room or more than 4x8 area, get the 500ml!

This is the latest formula.  

Specialized quality enhancing flowering additive with silicic acid and a proprietary blend of exotic plant extracts.  Our fermentation process creates an entourage effect of natural plant antioxidants, phyto enzymes, L-amino acids, and low molecular weight humic compounds.  Plants use hundreds of chemical compounds internally to stimulate flowering and ripening.  Power Si Bloom provides many raw materials to increase metabolism and health.

  • Decreased internodal spacing
  • Faster bud onset
  • Increased bud sites
  • Faster, more homogeneous ripening
  • Enhances protein synthesis
  • Higher concentrate yields
  • Increased trichome, resin, and terpene production
  • Increased brix levels
  • Larger, more dense flowers

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