KingBrite 1100w Samsung Lm301h Cree Full Spectrum Led Grow Light


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Kingbrite 1100w Samsung Lm301h 3500K with Cree XPE2 660nm 730nm LG UV Led Grow Light 

CS-Model 1100w

This Kingbrite light is a beast.  It sports 10 bars of LEDs.  Its 1100w.  It's output is so intense that your room must be dialed in before purchasing this light.  We don't recommend this light for a tent grow.  It's a bit intense for your plants especially if you are not running C02 and running an AC.  This light should be in a room.  Not for inexperienced growers.  Lights are shipped from USA warehouse. Will take 5-7 business days to process and ship.  


Product Description


Light Dimension  L1120mm*L1100mm
For tent  4'X4' / 5'X5'/ 6'X6'
Warranty   3 Years
Discription  Lumen: 177426 lm
Efficiency: 2.72±0.1umol/J
Total Output: 2932 umol/s PPF

Samsung LM301H: 252pcs / bar
CREE XP-E2 660nm: 12pcs / bar
CREE XP-E2 730nm: 4pcs / bar
LG UV 385nm: 4pcs / bar

Total:  2720pcs

MeanWell 2pcs H-L-G-480H-48B + 2pcs XLG-50

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