Hardwood Katana - Tsunami Timascus Katana with Stand Dabber

Hardwood Katana

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What's up my heady friends!  I got here from @hardwood_katana of IG one of his blade made around May/June 2020.  This Katana is called the "Tsunami Timascus Katana" and it comes with a master stand.

This katana is made of Timascus. The timascus is made by placing these two different alloys of titanium into a metal box, filling the enclosure with inert gas and applying both heat and pressure to have the two alloys to forge laminated together.

The stand features different variety of colored wood stained to protect it from oils.  

Custom, handmade, and crafted by Hardwood Katana himself.

One of a kind!  I super love this piece, so if you want to take it from me, it will be at the price listed below!