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Dab Sponge

Dab Sponge - Dab Sponge 2.0 Full Starter Kit

Dab Sponge - Dab Sponge 2.0 Full Starter Kit

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Own a quartz nail?  This is a must have cleaning tool if you own quartz nails or dab. The Dab Sponge 2.0 Full Starter Kit is the way to go.  We've tested these on all of our quartz nails and found this set up kit to be one of the best ways to cleaning all of your quartz nails. 

Starter kit comes with everything you need to clean any quartz nail bucket and terp slurper.

Starter Full kit includes:

1x Dab Sponge 2.0 Kit

2x Dab Sponge Mini

1x Dab Sponge Head Replacements

We personally use this product here at as we do most of the products we sell.  Highly recommended purchasing this kit with your terp slurper or any nail purchase from us.

We promise you will enjoy it as much as we do!  


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