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Chaka - #BlizzardTech Solo Tube 2020

Chaka - #BlizzardTech Solo Tube 2020

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Chaka The Ice Man presents #BlizzardTech solo tube.  This solo tube is a flavor-saver and is a dope addition to anyones collection.  Chaka is known for creating ice themed glass and pushing the limits of creativity, artwork, and techniques.  

This set includes a #blizzardtech carb cap #1, stickers, mood mat, and free shipping.

Grab this piece of art from today!   


  • Flavor-saver
  • 2-hole downstream
  • Chaka #blizzardtech
  • Blizzard Wigwag Millie
  • 55 Degree joint (45 Degree bangers will work)
  • Comes with #blizzardtech carb cap
  • Comes with a pelican, mood mat, and stickers
  • Shipped UPS or Fedex 

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