The Dab Rite™ Digital Infrared Thermometer Official Retailer at

We are a proud retailer and wholesaler for the Dab Rite Digital Infrared Thermometer at  Highly functional and highly premium, nothing was spared when creating the Dab Rite and its capabilities.  The Dab rite is equipped with the best German-made infrared sensor and its sports a premium housing combined with a carb cap holder.  

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Buy a Dab Rite here! Click this link to purchase.  We have a very special price going on until otherwise noted!

What makes the Dab Rite™ stand out is its flexible sensor.  This makes it so you can adjust the sensor to all angles to capture a precise reading.  The flexible sensor sports a 7" inch reach so it can fit almost all set-ups.  


  •  It will fit most rigs and banger heights with it's flexible 7" inch sensor set-up.
  • The sensor it self is adjustable to different angles so it will work with 45 degree or 90 degree bangers.
  • The light and sound will let you know when your desired temperature is ready to go. Light will flash when ready and an alarm will go of when desired temperature is reached.  Light and/or sound can be turned off.
  • Built in emissivity settings for clear quartz and opaque quartz bottoms.
  • Led guided light for percision instead of laser light.  Better for your eyes
  • Turns off automatically as a safety feature.
  • The Dab Rite has patents pending and FCC and CE certified.


Buy a Dab Rite here! Click this link to purchase. We have a very special price going on until otherwise noted!

The Dab Rite™ will come in three different colors to choose from.  Black, Red, and Purple/Green Swirl.  

Final MSRP is 249.99 Buy a Dab Rite here! Click this link to purchase.

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