VIBES Rolling Papers King Size pre Rolled Cones, Organic, Hemp, Rice Paper with Natural Arabic Gum, Chlorine Free Technology- 3 Pack 9 Cones

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  • 🍃NATURAL & UNTREATED: ✨VIBES✨ Rolling Papers are made from natural, organic hemp and rice paper with chalk and chlorine free technology, & natural Arabic Gum
  • 🤙 CONVENIENT: Never have time to roll? Can't hand roll? No worries our pre rolled ✨VIBES✨cones come with tips and ready to go fill with material and draw
  • 💨SLOW & EVEN BURN: High quality paper, exceptional watermark created by artisan craftsman in Dominican republic makes paper to burn even and slow
  • 🇫🇷 MADE IN FRANCE: ✨VIBES✨ rolling paper are made in France and then transported to Dominican republic to be cut watermarked and packaged
  • 👑 KING SIZE: The King Size Cones can hold around 1 gram of dry herb good for single long sesh or a group

Details: Vibes pre-roll ultra thin cones have remodel the smoking industry! That's no exaggeration - they're as easy as it gets! Vibes precision-crafted pre-rolled cones are made from the same truly naturally unbleached paper as VIBES Papers and are ready to be easily filled. We're proud to say that unlike others, genuine VIBES Papers have no added chalk or dyes! 3 Pack