S.T Dupont- S.T Dupont Lighter MaxiJet Black with Red Finish w/Gas

S.T Dupont

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Light a blunt or jay with these dope luxury lighters. The ergonomic design and streamlined silhouette of the MaxiJet house a highly powerful torch flame, making it the perfect companion for smokers. 

Hands down the best lighter with style and luxury.  We recommend the MaxiJet  for your smoking pleasures.

This package comes with 1 x can of S.T Dupont butane ($30 Value)

Care and Maintenance

Your S.T. Dupont lighter does not need much maintenance. To restore its original shine, you can clean all types of coating using a soft cloth (never use solvent-based products). For all silver-plated parts, use a special silversmith’s cloth, available commercially. 

For all natural lacquer parts, do as you would for glasses lenses or jewellery. Mist up the surface and rub with a soft cloth. The lacquer is practically impregnable by acids. It is incredibly hard and resistant to impacts, scratches, friction and water.