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KingBrite W55 600W LM301H+Cree XPE2 660nm 730nm LG UV Full Spectrum Grow Light Bar

KingBrite W55 600W LM301H+Cree XPE2 660nm 730nm LG UV Full Spectrum Grow Light Bar

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Lamp Power(W)
Emitting Color
Kingbrite W55-L1100mm-600W Samsung LM301H with Cree XP-E2 660nm 730nm LG UV grow bar
At, I have 3 of these myself and they rock!  These are good for 4x4 - 5x5 spaces.  It will work great in your  tent.  You don't really need more than 600w for a 4x4 tent set up.  You could bump it up to 660w but that is the most you should go.  Kingbrite uses quality led boards so you can rest assured that these lights will past the test.  It has in my grow.   Lights are shipped from USA warehouse. Will take 5-7 business days to process and ship.  
* Each size light is also available with different color temperatures of white diodes (like 3500K, 4000K, etc.)
* High efficiency white light led Boards use top bin lm301h + Cree XPE2 660nm 730nm LG UV
* White Light Full Spectrum for better results
* Better canopy light penetration with diffused light
* Perfect performance for veg and bloom
* Dimmable Power Supply included
* 1 Year Warranty for board
* 5 years Warranty for Meanwell driver
Acutall Power from Wall
600 Watts
Voltage Range
Driver output
Flowering Footprint
Quantum Bar L1100*W55mm
Track Dimension
600W L1100mm*W940mm LED Grow Light SPECIFICATIONS:

Samsung LM301H + Cree XPE2 660nm 730nm +LG UV
LEDS: Samsung LM301H : 236pcs/bar
Cree XPE2 660nm : 12pcs/bar
Cree XPE2 730nm: 4pcs/bar
LG UV 395nm : 4pcs/bar

Driver: Meamwell-600H-48AB
Lifetime: 50000hours +
Warranty: 1 Years For Boards
5 Years For Driver

Grow Space:☑ 5x5ft
Suitable for All Plants:☑ YES
New Arrival: ☑ YES
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