KingBrite 720w Samsung LM301H CREE 660nm Red UV IR Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


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KingBrite 720w Samsung LM301H CREE 660nm Red UV IR Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
This light is super dope!  We are talking 8 bar LEDs with LM301h Cree.  It also has UV and IR that you can control.  720w will produce some crazy buds!  If you are using this light, you must be using Co2 in your grow.  We don't reccomend this light in a grow tent, but it can be done.  This light should be used in an open space.  Kingbrite LED boards are top notch and their customer service is great also! Lights are shipped from USA warehouse. Will take 5-7 business days to process and ship.  
Model: CS-720w
◆Light Dimension: L1120mm*L1100mm
◆For tent: 4'X4' / 5'X5'/ 6'X6'
◆LM301H+660nm & UV & IR , 3 channels separately control
◆Chain Group
◆Lumen: 123930lm
◆Efficiency: 2.85umol/J
◆Total Output: 2042 umol/s PPF

◆Samsung LM301H: 252pcs / bar
◆CREE XP-E2 660nm: 12pcs / bar
◆CREE XP-E2 730nm: 4pcs / bar
◆LG UV 385nm: 4pcs / bar
◆Total: (252+12+4+4) * 8 bar = 2176pcs
◆MeanWell 600H-48AB + 2pcs XLG-50
Samsung Lm301h+CREE XP-E2 (660nm+730nm)+LG UV
RJ Port Connection
◆ 0-100% Dimming
◆ Control 200 lights max

◆ Time setting

◆ LM301H+CREE XP-E2 (660nm+730nm) +LG UV 385nm, 3 channels separately control

◆ Chain Group
Testing report