Enuff Glass - Dino Head with Carb Cap White with Red Teeth for Puffco Peak (Private Collection )

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Enuff Glass with the heady Puffco Peak attachment in white with the red teeth.  I picked this Dino Head back in 2018 at LaLaLand Smoke Shop.  I bought this when the new white puffco peak had just dropped and Enuff glass just started doing Puffco Attachments.  

Very nice Albino Dino with the red teeth.  I really enjoyed this piece, but time for a new home!  I don't use the Puffco peak heavy so it gets a new home.  

We are asking $700 for this Albino Dino with the red teeth with the matching carb cap only!  

Puffco Peak sold separate.  

Artist: Enuffglass

Purchased Estimated Date: Sept 2018