On Point Quartz - Terp Slurper XL Beveled Version 3.0 10/90 (Second Quality)


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We are back with our On Point Quartz T.Slurper XL Beveled made with the love and imported to U.S.A.  These are second quality versions of the T.Slurper XL version 3.0.  Each one is hand-picked and tested to ensure a second quality product.  (Beveled not pictured)

Second quality T.Slurper 3.0 completely function correctly and are rejected because mainly of cosmetics issues and offering 25-50% off our first qualities. Does not include case.  

Second Quality T.Slurpers 3.0 are rejected from first quality for these issues:

  • A - Light marks and chips (Straight)
  • B - Slightly Crooked Dish 

The T.Slurper XL version 3.0 is made with a premium grade quartz and manufactured in China.  Fully welded joints, 2.5mm thick body and barrel, and a 3mm dish to hold that heat in place.


The On Point Quartz T.Slurper Xl 2nd qualty is available in 10mm/90 Degree, 10/45 degree, 14mm/90 Degree, and 14mm/45 Degree.

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