Vibes Rolling Paper King Size Booklet 33pc, Natural Hemp Paper and Arabic Gum with Chlorine Free Technology- 3 Pack

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  • HEMP PAPER: The Vibes rolling paper is made from 100% natural hemp with chalk and chlorine free technology and utilizes 100% natural Arabic gum sourced from the Acacia tree
  • SLOW AND EVEN BURN: The high quality materials and exceptional watermark created by artisan craftsman in Dominican republic makes paper to burn even and slow
  • MADE IN FRANCE: The Vibes rolling paper is made in France and then transported to Dominican republic to be cut watermarked and packaged
  • KING SIZE: The King Size Slim rolling papers and can hold around 1 gram of dry herb
  • EASY ROLL: The king size paper is soft and smooth wich allows an easy roll without any cracks and tears

Details: Bay Area rap legend, Berner, continues to grow his empire with Vibes Rolling Papers. These papers feature natural hemp that delivers ample and consistent smoke. Cultivated and crafted in France, Vibes Rolling Papers are ultra thin and burn slowly for an elevated flavor experience. A thinner paper means your dry herb’s natural flavor can shine, as it won’t be affected by too much “paper smoke”. These are the standard

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