Vibes Organic Hemp Cigarette Rolling Paper - Classic Ultra Thin 1.25 Inch, Pre Rolled Rice Paper - Chlorine Free Technology 3 Pack 9 - Slow Burning Cones with Tips and Packing Sticks

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY PAPERS - Vibes Papers are made of 100% highest quality hemp and rice paper. Vibes Papers are a great choice for those who want to be environmentally friendly, without sacrificing quality or performance
  • PREROLLED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE - The paper is designed to be easy to roll, making it perfect for beginners or those looking for a hassle free smoking experience. No more rolling your own joints. This preroll is ready to smoke. Simply remove the tip and light up.
  • SMOOTH & SLOW BURNING - 100% natural hemp paper, made from the finest hemp fibers They are slow burning, smooth, and extra long lasting. Vibes papers have a natural color and are not bleached or treated with chemicals
  • NATURAL UNREFINED - Hemp paper is the most natural and pure form of paper available. It contains no dyes or chemicals and is completely biodegradable. Vibes Hemp Papers are made with 100% grown hemp, without chemicals or additives.
  • ORDER YOUR HEMP ROLLING PAPER 100% RISK-FREE - To help you place your order worry-free, we back our product with our unconditional Money Back Guarantee. So, get yours today - your shopping experience is absolutely safe.

Details: ➤ Vibes Papers are made from Chlorine Free hemp and rice paper. They are Ultra-Thin, with a consistent burn and smooth smoking experience. They are thinner than most rolling papers which means they burn slower and more consistently. For users who want a longer-lasting session, the Vibes Rice Rolling Papers - 1.25” burn a little slower than their hemp counterpart.Product Features & Benefits:✅ The paper is made from hemp, rice making it a 100% natural product.✅ These are the standard 1.25” length papers✅ The thin texture makes for a great smoke every time! ✅ Delivers ample and consistent smoke. ✅ Easier rolling process✅ Less breakage and frustrationThis premium rolling paper is going to knock your socks off. If by some miracle it doesn’t, let us know, and we’ll issue you a full refund. No questions asked.Don’t hesitate for a second to click the “Add to Cart” button above. The best mayo on the planet awaits.

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