On Point Quartz - Astro V2 Cosmic Blenders 1st Quality

On Point Quartz

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Introducing our On Point Smoke V2 blenders! This Astro V2 blender comes in both 10/90, 14/90, 10/45 and 14/45 and is perfect for those fat dabs because you're able to put multiple accessories in it having them all spin.

With its big dish bottom and wide barrel body, it retains heat for a long time, giving you the opportunity to savor your low temp dab in its fullness.

They were tested with 1x6mm pearl, 2x6mm pearls, 1x8mm pearl and 1x10mm pearl to ensure they function and spin correctly with all sorts of sizes and arrangements. 

This Blender will come with:

1x Blender Slurper Quartz

1x 6mm Ruby Pearl

1x 10mm Ruby Pearl

1x 20mm OPS Marble