The Dab Rite - Infrared Quartz Table Top Temp Reader

The Dab Rite

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We are proud to introduce the Dab Rite infrared quartz table top temp reader.  This device is for anyone who wants to measure the temperature of your quartz banger. 

The Dab Rite™ is the most advanced digital IR thermometer on the market that is specifically designed for the connoisseur and people who are looking to get into dabbing. Each V1.0 unit is pre-installed with emissivity settings for quartz and opaque quartz.

The Dab Rite™ features a flexible temperature reading arm allowing for more accurate readings across a variety of heights and angles.   Here are some of the features.

The Dab Rite™ features

  • Flexible temperature reading arms
  • LED guide light
  • Auto-shut off
  • Light alarm when temp is reached
  • Sound alarm when temp is reached
  • Carb cap holder
  • Inter-changeable silicon inserts

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