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Go To Post     🎉 Holiday Giveaway TIME 🎉 To celebrate the holidays - we’re going to do a Dabrite and slurper giveaway!! Prize for this giveaway include a Brand New Dab Rite and an OPQ Terp Slurper!!! * Happy Holidays from the @onpointsmoke team! We wanted to do a couple special giveaways with our close friends and affiliates of ours! @liftedvillain and I known each other since beginning of the year and he’s been a great help to Onpointsmoke.com! So we got together to give you guys this giveaway! * * Rules: Go to @liftedvillain ⁃ Not Required: In your comment tagging your friends, say something nice to brighten their days - Holiday season is upon us after one of the most crazy years, so spread love and positivity! * The winners will be picked on live next Saturday 12/24/20! 1st winner picked will get to have their pick of the Dab Rite or the OnPointSmoke Mini XL Slurper, 2nd winner will get whichever prize the first winner did not select. Let’s keep this giveaway positive and keep the energy solid in the comments. This is a chance for 2 people to each win something for free and everyone has equal opportunity. Any clear giveaway accounts will be blocked and removed from entering future giveaways! * * * #holidaygiveaway #dabrite #slurper #onpointsmoke #headyglass #mmj #710 #glassofig #highendglass #giveaway #gethype #headyhideout #medpatient #whoisgoingtowin #bestofluck #freegiveaway

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