⛔️‼️NEW PRODUCT ALERT‼️⛔️We @onpointsmoke wanted...

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Go To Post     ⛔️‼️NEW PRODUCT ALERT‼️⛔️We @onpointsmoke wanted to introduce @thedabrite digital IR Thermometer. We partnered with Dab Rite to 🚀 this product coming soon. This device blows me away still. We are lucky to be partners with @thedabrite for bringing in a premium device to you guys! We’ve been dying to share with you guys and here it is. Don’t forget to follow @onpointsmoke and @thedabrite to get latest info on drops. #dabrite #onpointsmoke #dabcommunity #oprahsbookclub #rosin #bho #dabbing Sign up on our email list to get more information on when it will be here!

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